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Sugar Free Low Fat Iced Cappuccino

Ok so I love love love Timmy's Iced Caps, but being type 2 diabetic don't get to have them when I want. And as I have written Tim Horton's many times requesting that they get with the times and start to offer sugar free and lower fat choices and never get anywhere with it.... I decided to go on a mission to make myself a good sugar free iced cappuccino! Well last spring I was in Danville Virginia at a great place called the Gingerbread house.... where lo and behold they MAKE sugar free iced caps! So I watched carefully as she made my third in as many days, and after much searching have now found the needed ingredients! Here is what worked and tastes great for me....

Take 1 1/4 cups skim milk and blend in 8 tsp. of General Foods International Sugar Free Swiss Mocha (or other flavour) coffee mix. Found this also in the US. However if you aren't in the States or near a border all these ingredients are available online.

Then blend in 1tbsp each of any 2 flavours you like, DaVinci Gourmet Syrups(found at US wal-mart in the coffee isle) has a few sugar free flavours.

Pour that into a blender, unless you already used the blender to blend it ... and add 1 1/4 cups or one full tray of ice cubes.

Use the pulse button until desired smoothness. It will also be a little frothy on top, but I like that. If you want to get really fancy for guests or pamper yourself you can add chocolate shavings on top of the froth! mmmm....

Some flavour combos I like are Coconut/Cherry and Hazelnut/Raspberry (all with the mocha flavour GFI mix of course). Pour them in a glass and enjoy with a straw....

and thumb your nose at the nearest Tim Horton's!!!

Oh and this recipe makes two large glasses!
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