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thanks.. Ya i know i will probably have to call each township to find out which one is ok with it ,i was just hoping someone on here already knew which townships are a go.. And yes venomous reptiles are nothing like a yes i do have previous experience with dangerous animals....whether its a lion,venomous reptiles or an aggresive dog you need to be a responsible pet owner....Also i think your friend had a prob with the prairie dogs because they are native to north america and therefor are not aloud to be owned as pets here..... any ways i think your right about no one on here wanting to help me out even if they could cause i think people get worried or scared about big cats.... It has nothing to do with the whole its a wild animal and should be left in the wild..... because lets face it horses,dogs,cats, pet mice and rats all at one time were wild.....and of course reptiles they are even less domesticated then lions... lol .... this is something i am going to do for sure...... oh ya and i 2 also hope you dont see me on the news killed by my