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Dog having hard time swallowing - not choking

This has been a problem that happens every so often with my Norfolk Terrier and was really bad last night. She was playing with our other terrier and then sneezed a couple of times. After that I noticed that she kept licking her lips and nose and swallowing really hard so that there was almost a thud sound when she finished swallowing. I'd say she would lick and swallow every 10 seconds or so. When I tried massaging her throat very gently I noticed her adams apple was very pronounced at this time. I then took her outside and she began to eat grass feverishly. I can only assume that she was freaked out by her swallowing too and just wanted to trty and get up what was bothering her throat. She finally did get sick but the swallowing continued for at least a couple more hours until she finally relaxed and the hard swallowing died down eventually. The really strange thing is that all of a sudden our other terrier started doing this yesterday but not as dramatic, this is weird because he has never done this and he is pretty much indestructable and never gets sick or shows it at least. Has anyone seen or dealt with this? Maybe a sinus or pallet problem? Thanks
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