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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Every cat/dog/human is different so 2 or 3 days for my grrl may not be ideal for your guy you know your cat & his normal habits. Be sure you are keeping an eye out for signs of distress & if you are not comfortable with the length of time it has taken for him to go, by all means contact your vet
I agree - every cat is different but the reason I asked the question was to get a general feel of what people's cats bowel movements are on an all raw food diet. Bishop was going every day when he was being transitioned to raw (raw and canned food mixture), but now that he is on 100% raw he sometimes doesn't go for 3 days. I am not familar if there is a difference in bowel movements on raw and on a commercial pet food.....

On a lighter note - he has been going almost every day for the last week. I have been getting more water into him and giving him a bit of baby peas food
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