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What is considered a regular bowel movement for a raw fed cat?

I originally posted this under Cat's Health but would like some input from fellow raw feeders with your experience, thanks!

Can I please get some insight into what is a normal bowel movement for cats. I hear different regularities and I get concerned. Some people say anything longer than 1-2 days is a real concern. Some say 3-4 days is fine. My cat had chronic diarrhea on commercial pet food for years. Since being on a mostly all raw diet his stools are back to normal. At first on the new diet he was going every 1 to 2 days. Now 4 months on a prey model diet - he sometimes does not go for 3 days. I am afraid for him that it will start to get longer. I give him a little bit more liver and fat to no avail. I have given him pumpkin, baby squash with no luck in increasing the frequency. If I give him Laxatone this usually helps but I do not want him to become dependent on this. Can you guys tell me the frequency of your cats and if I am over reacting....thanks!
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