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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I'm sorry this is so hard. Despite having, and having had, very old pets with similar and their own problems it's still not something someone else can really advise you on.

I think I found deafness to be worse for my old Lab girl than her very bad, arthritic back. She couldn't hear our concern and was startled by sudden appearances. We tried to stomp on the floor because she could feel us coming but it didn't always help.

Right now we have a 16 year old cat who is stone deaf and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. The 20 year old cat is nearly as deaf but dementia makes her life, and ours, much more difficult. She does the deaf cat howl. She also has worsening arthritis.

Rescue Remedy does help our 29 year old cat at night, a bit. If you ever want to try it be sure to NOT use the candies because they contain xylitol. It's tempting to use the candies for many dogs as they just gulp them down. Don't.

I am interested in the homeopathic sleeping aid you mentioned. Can you give the name of it?
Rescue Remedy helped my other late pug who passed away 2 years ago, he was in the same condition as my Alfred, but much worse. I tried Rescue Remedy with Alfred and it doesn't affect him at all. I even tried the "Rescue Sleep" with added passionflower, works for me, but not for him.

Anyway, the sleep aid is called Neurexam, I wasn't sure I could post names of products but I see others have. I'm going to give him the full pill tonight. Last night I only gave him half, and he did sleep seven hours, but woke up several times with some whimpers.

My vet finally called. She's very good. She said she respects my decision for a "one last try". She said not to feel guilty etc...things I know already since I've been through's still hard though. She recommended a supplement called Zylkene, it's to help with anxiety. She warned it could take up to a week to help him.

So with the Neurexam to help him sleep and the Zylkene to help his anxiety, I SO hope things will be okay.

But the vet reminded me that if he's in a lot of pain, not much will help the anxiety. I wish our pets could speak to us and tell us where it hurts!!!

I'll let you guys know how everything works out!
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