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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
How big is your pond? You had said you could hold 10 comfortably but after that it gets tough? Sorry for the questions but if I ever manage to get my butt outside in this heat to start work my aim is still to have my pond in by the end of the fall. No fish this year but it would be an option for next.
The pond is 4,000 gallons. Koi need a minimum of 250 gallons per fish, 500 is preferred. You can keep more than that if you over filter but then what happens if you have a power failure for any length of time. Then you gotta worry about having a generator. It's so not worth pushing the envelope.
When we first put the 7 fish in this pond, it looked fishless. It's so tempting to put in more fish, but they grow, and they grow fast. Veronica alone has grown more than 6 inches since the end of April. The rest at least 3 inches each.
Now if you want to put in goldfish, they can take a much higher stocking level, I had over 30 in a 1500 gallon pond for years with no issues. They're tougher than koi too IMO, not the short bodied fancy ones, the comets and shubunkins.

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