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Yes, when Micaud was a tiny kitten he and the dog used to chase each other and like someone said it was funny. I did leave them in separate rooms for a while but then we moved to a rail road apartment and I felt so bad leaving him in the tiny bathroom.

So I let them roam freely in the apartment. Then after a while, everytime Spin passed by Micaud he would hiss at her and she would run away. i would get in and say stop and walk away. then one day I came home and the dog came to the door with her eyes swollen and blood on her head. I freaked out and locked him in the bathroom while I healed her. I took her to the vet and the doc said they were cat scratches. This has happened 3 more times after that! Then the incident from the other night.

I love this little guy, he is so cute and loving when he's not freaking out. I put a pic of him in my profile. I am going to do everything I can for him. He'll get neutered tomorrow and hopefully everything will get better. I'm unemployed now and can't afford too many vet visits cause they are pricey. The neutering is free through the ASPCA.

Thanks everyone for all the advice! One thing though I had to put down my gorgeous Joey 4 years ago. he was really sick and that was the hardest thing I had to do. I cried all the way home after I dropped him off. he was so special. I will treat Micaud the same way, he deserves our love and patience. Just not in the same room anymore. LOL
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