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Crate issues at night, 5 month old French Bulldog

Hey guys,

So I have a male French Bulldog at home. He is going to be 5 months next week. I am having some crating issues with the little guy at night. Basically he is pooping in his crate at 4-5 am. Yes the crate is small and is the proper proportion for the dog. Ive owned another dog before. He is pee pad trained right now and soon to be learning to be outside. He does go for small walks as it is really cold over here in Canada. Im looking for some advice or tips to help stop him from pooping in his crate. During the day when he is crated he does not poop. He used to, but not anymore as I only go out a couple of hours and then let him out for like 3-4 hours. Any advice would be appreciated.
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