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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Only for food allergies? Hope it works out for you. Too bad it doesn't test for seasoanl allergies which is what my dog has. He can eat the three foods in his rotation just fine all winter and itches on all three in the summer. I've heard just as many sad tales about the inefficiencies of allergy testing for that too.
Longblades, same here. We're pretty sure that Nookies allergies are, at least in part, enviromental, which are the toughest to figure out and deal with. We do know that he has a lot of food senstivities, though. So I'm hoping that this test will at least help in that respect... and we may get lucky and figure out that it is just food related allergies lol. That would be awesome!
Hopefully, someday, Dr. Dodds will come up with something for enviromental. She's such a brilliant woman
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