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For anyone who has considered food allergy testing

This looks pretty awesome!! I was lurking on Hemopet and came across a new test developed by Dr. Dodds. We have seriously considered allergy testing with Nookie, since he has SO many GI issues, itching, redness and watery eyes. The main reason we haven't done it yet is because I have read accounts from people who have done it and they seem to be split pretty even... those who say it's a waste of time, money and completely inaccurate, and those who say it has been a lifesaver. This new test from Dr. Dodds actually tests the saliva for reaction, not the blood. It's supposed to be pretty accurate, and compared to traditional methods, much less expensive (so it it doesn't work out as well as I'm hoping, it's not much lost lol). She breaks it down into 2 columns, each column having different foods and is $125 per column, so if testing for both, $250 plus the cost of the kit $15.00. We aren't positive that Nookies allergy symptoms are food related, but we know he does have intolerances to many. This lists the reaction levels from no reaction to severe reaction. So even if it doesn't help with his actual allergies, it will still help to know what foods to avoid, and what foods he can have. Up to this point, we're limited to just fish for him, which is so costly. It would be nice to be able to use other proteins... not only for cost, but for a bit of variety for him as well.

This is the link:
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