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Originally Posted by Soundy View Post
What's true for one may not be true for the next.
Except that feeding a wet food diet really IS the cornerstone of FLUTD treatment, followed by tweaking ingredients if a cat continues to have issues. For instance, fish is pro-inflammatory and should generally be avoided in cats with recurring urinary tract problems. Perhaps the wet foods you tried contained ingredients that didn't help maintain the appropriate urine ph (eg too much plant matter).

I'm glad that Buster's crystal formation has diminished on the PC food, but hope that you aren't trading one health problem for another. The ingredients in that food are completely inappropriate for an obligate carnivore and could easily lead to diabetes, obesity, allergies, IBD and CRF, to name a few. Also, why were the crystals treated with antibiotics? Was a culture and sensitivity done on a urine sample to determine if there was bacteria present?
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