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Don't know if I should put this here or the food section so if you guys want to move it that's cool..

After Nino being diagnosed with crystals and Coco has also had them and have been put on the Urinary SO food, I don't get it.

They only eat the best food I can afford which was Natural Balance canned (and they like it) and for dry I try to get Acana or Blue or Wellness...I switch out dry foods, they like them all. They all get a few treats in the morning and that's it. I've tried raw and none of them will have anything to do with it. I try to limit their fish to once or twice a week, although it's a favourite. Maybe once a month they have a can of Whiskas as a special treat. I always thought that the better foods would be better for preventing crystals, I guess not. I'm trying to avoid the dry SO as the first ingredient is ground cord.blech. I found that Technical has a Urinary food so I may get Pet Valu to order me some, It's very frustrating that you try your best and get them good food and they still have issues, I'm starting to not believe all the hype about premium foods!!
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