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Help...My Pug

Hi everyone,

I have a 13 yr old pug who is my little boy..honestly, he is my family. I took him to the vet for his annual check up..lung sounds and heart sounds good. All blood work is good. I had noticed in the past week he has been a little more subdued. Eating and drinking and bathrooming fine. He will just stand and stare and I can see and feel the sides of his neck pulsating or twitching. He keeps his head generally is a lower position. The vet checked his xray and found where part of his left lung does not seem to be filled with air. She said its not an effusion but needs to let the radiologist read it as she is not trained to read xrays. He has had a cough for a long long time but he has allergies and has been on immunotherapy (allergy injections) His cough does sound a little different now. Hes not coughing up anything..he tends to swallow whatever he gets up. The cough is better since I have not been burning wood..coughing less. Any ideas? I am so afraid of bad news.
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