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I had a thought early this morning Hazel, and I don't know whether it could be causing a bit of a problem. With Dusty spending a lot of her time in the shed porch, and JD up at the house, I am wondering if it is having the effect of cats from 2 different dwellings. JD's number one priority is the dwelling and the family room, but the shed porch is further down his list of priorities. Therefore Dusty isn't interfering in his territory that much as it is up at the family room.

My thought would be to have them both up at the house, and separated for a few days, and then start introductions. This way they had both realize that there is another feline in the area and the time would have a tendency of eliminating the tension of the territorial invasion.

Ideally if you could set up a safe room for Dusty with her litter box, food, water, and something to sleep on. You could also secure the door so that it would be open about an inch so the 2 can see one another from time to time as well as sticks foot through the hole, or touch noses. This could help to make the introduction a little easier.

Here's a photo of a piece of plywood I cobbled up for a door and it seemed to work quite well. I put heavy wire mesh in the hole in the bottom of the door so the crew could view the newbie.

So something like this isn't feasible then I think I'd be trying to get them to spend as much time together in the same area but separated. If using a kennel I would be switching them from time to time, so Dusty would be leaving her scent around the house.

Something to think about.
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