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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
So is the hissing sort of normal for a first face-to-face meeting? What sorts of things should I watch for that might indicate there's all-out aggression brewing?
Sounds like things went quite well.

Hissing definitely normal for a first meet. Even for the first couple meets. Dusty's telling JD to back off & watch himself

You want to watch for the ears flat back & staying there, eyes wide, non stop growling, a really loud growly yeowl (really scary sounding), all fur puffed up tail gets at least twice the normal size.

Lilly & Pixi's first face to face meeting - Lilly's ears were forward, she was growing & stomping her front foot, she then charged forward about 3 feet but stopped and turned around and walked away - that was when I knew the girls would be ok with each other.

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
How long do you think we should wait before letting both cats in the family room at the same time? (I'm assuming that the first time, at least, should involve Dusty being in the kennel and JD roaming the room?)
I would do at least a one more meet & greets like today.

When you have the two in a larger room, you want to make sure one is not cornering/trapping the other in a corner or under furniture without an escape route ie around or up onto furniture/window sill etc. If you can have one person playing with one cat & another person playing with the other several feet away from each other they associate fun w/each other.
Avoid biting when a simple growl will do

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