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If you are not getting the "hydro pole type tail", "the fluffing of the fur", and "the laying back of ears", it would appear as though everything is coming along quite well.

If you have a small cat carrier I think I'd be using it in the family room while one or the other is out exploring the area. Then just reverse the kitties.

If you have a lazer toy, I would be having it in my hand if the 2 of them are out together, in case there is a sign of aggression. I would be pointing the beam on the floor between them. It causes a moment of distraction which can be enough to stop aggression and saves using the old water bottle trick - which really isn't a good idea.

Funny thing is that I was going through the exact same posting of my introduction from 2012 and about half an hour afterwards, I logged into the web site, and lo and behold, there was my introduction that I was looking at about an hour earlier.

It raised a real raft of questions........what did I do wrong? how come it's there? Then I looked up in the upper left corner and saw the date and time that you posted.........and I've been chuckling about it ever since.

We've noticed that female cats we've had tend to become the dominant cat. Missy was hard pressed to be an 8 pound cat and she'd rule all the cats - especially the 3 males - we fostered a cat for someone who was moving and couldn't take him with her - and he was about 18 pounds.
Animals are such agreeable Friends.
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