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Well, they've met face-to-face now, with no bloodshed.

JD walked up to the shed and went in willingly, then touched noses with Dusty through the bars, so I tossed caution to the wind and opened the kennel door. They touched noses again, and then JD tried to move closer. Dusty is no pushover, though. She hissed a bit and he backed off, avoiding eye contact. She seemed pretty nonchalant about everything except when he got too close, and then all she did was hiss. He ended up following her around the porch, occasionally trying to sniff her, and playing an odd, slow sort of circling hide-and-seek around furniture and other obstacles. She'd tell him off if he made her uncomfortable, and he'd subside into his alert meatloaf position, averting his eyes. I think they were together about 5 minutes in all.

So is the hissing sort of normal for a first face-to-face meeting? What sorts of things should I watch for that might indicate there's all-out aggression brewing?

It seemed pretty positive to me--no cat fights, no bloodshed... I could have been misinterpreting a whole lot of feline signaling, but I got the impression that she might actually be the more dominant personality. Unfortunately, I also got the impression that JD might still try to be the Boss, even though he's backed down every time so far.

Dusty also had time in the family room again. She loves it there because it's really the only time she really gets to play. She's a hoot to watch with the cat wand--her eyes get so big and round right before she pounces on it!

How long do you think we should wait before letting both cats in the family room at the same time? (I'm assuming that the first time, at least, should involve Dusty being in the kennel and JD roaming the room?)
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