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young labrador elbow dysplasia


I am writing you with the hope that I can find a solution for my dog as this forum has been recommended to me by a friend who I very much trust.

I have a 1,8 years old labrador retriever (his name is Cloud). A few weeks ago we went to x-ray in order to check for dysplasia (please see photos attached). The doctor told us that is seems he has elbow dysplasia/osteoarthritis to both of his legs (the right one being in a more advanced state). I tried getting some advises from other surgeons but I received a lot of contradictory opinions or they told me this is not their specialty.

What I would kindly ask from you is an advice about how serious the problem is and how we need to proceed; does he needs surgery or not (if so, when it will be a good time), what are our options and how much these options would cost.

Also, if possible I would like to know what are the chances that, after the surgery, the problems will reappear, at a later stage in life, given the fact that he is very young?

I am looking forward to your answer or a recommendation who to contact.

Thank you in advance and Best regards,
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