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What a cutie she is. I definitely see dane in her and possibly wolfhound. I know bullmastiffs are not giant breed but her mix seems to have a giant breed in her. Go with all life food for sure cuz she has a mastiff butt. It will do no harm to her I think she would benefit from it and grow slower which is much better. Since all of these breeds have issues with HD. So do all you can to avoid it. I would also give her glucosamine supplement at about a year. Also if you can avoid to much jumping off heights also better for hips and knees, I am not trying to make you worry the dog can still play and have fun but limit jumping off things. If you have any questions do not hesitate to pm me. How far are you from Sydney? P.S. Make sure she knows you are pack leader because these dogs will try and be boss just let her know she is not.
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