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Question What cross breed is she.. Bullmastiff x ???

Hi there, I purchased a pup from a local fellow who had both parents and 2 pups from the previous litter. Dad is a Bullmastiff and is very typical of the type. Mum is also a Bullmastiff but she has more wiry coat, long legs and long muzzle! When I questioned the fellow about mums background he acknowledge that mum had some Irish Wolfhound or Great Dane in her which would account for the long muzzle and legs that go all the way up! When Bonnie was 10 weeks she looked like all the other fawn pure bred Bullmastiffs on the internet but 5 weeks later she now looks a little like a camel with these huge feet and long nose!

Please don't misunderstand, I love her, she is absolutely beautiful! Extremely loving and very tolerant of my 3 year old twins who love to get up close and personal with her

I want to find out as much as I can about her cross because she is going to be a giant and with those kind of dogs there has to be certain things as an owner you need to be aware of. We are in the last week of puppy school and I am going to look for an obedience school for her to keep her socialised for the Bullmastiff side of her.

Any ideas??? Any photos out their of a cross with either Great Dane or Irish Wolfhound? Bonnie has a very soft smooth coat which is why I don't think that she has the wolfhound but the previous owner was sure mum had some of those genes.
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