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Why do people do such dumb things?

Here's a story from the local paper's website-

Killing A Turtle Results In Fine, Probation And Homework

September 06, 2006 A Crysler teen has been fined $100 in the death of a turtle that is a species at risk. Nineteen year old ***** ******* pleaded guilty under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to illegally possessing a Northern Map Turtle. It is alleged a group of teenagers found a turtle on the road in Crysler, put in under the wheels of a vehicle and drove over it in June. Gibeault moved the female turtle, which was carrying eggs, to another location where it died. Along with the fine, Gibeault received three months probation and is required to do a school presentation about the significance of the turtle.

It's good that he was charged and convicted, and I like the creative sentencing, but is 100 bucks and a school presentation enough for someone who put a living thing under car wheels and ran it over? :sad:
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