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Originally Posted by Jull View Post
What do you mean he is vomiting more than normal? what is normal?

Did he started biting his nails when you switched foods? there could be several reasons why he is doing this. I will say both the vomiting and this combined, you need to go see your vet.

as for rawhides, as far as I can tell they are no good for any dog, bully sticks are better (if you are looking for something similar) or give him actual bones to chew on (I sometimes give my little guys chicken/turkey necks and chicken feet). Not all table food is bad for a dog, it just depends what it is.
And if the rawhides is from China it's really bad for dogs. Dogs will eat grass when their stomach is upset , I wonder if that is what is happening. I agree the dog needs to be taken to the vet right away . I heard of dogs biting their paws when they're bored. To the OP where do you walk your dog , maybe he is walking in something that making his paws itchy and causing him to bite his feet and it could be a toxic plant or some kind of spray on the grass.
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