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Originally Posted by technodoll View Post
LL1 thanks I'll look into Bell, maybe they have a better service and with a new account we can stop the hijacking before it starts? the only program we use to download music is iTunes...

we've installed and ran the best spyware, we programmed the router with our laptop's MAC addresses and that alone should prevent anyone from accessing our service... but no. we tried shutting the modem about 20 hours per day (when we're not using it like overnight and during the workweek) and nothing has changed. we're just so stumped
I'm hardly an expert either, but I also have a wireless router set up to my broadband router. Mine is secured and so far *knock on wood* I haven't had any problems in over two years of use. Here are the basic steps I used when I had mine set up. I paid an IT person to come out and do it for me the first time and then had him teach me how so I know how to do it myself now.

*Use encryption. (do you have WAP or WEP?)
*Turn off identifier broadcasting.
*Change the identifier on your router from the default.
*Change your router's pre-set password for administration.
*Allow only specific computers to access your wireless network
*I see you've already hidden your MAC address.

Here is a great site with tips on securing your network. I apologize if this is old news and things you've already tried! Just wanted to suggest it just in case!
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