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Originally Posted by technodoll View Post
OK i am pissed

we changed the router to program our two laptop MAC addresses on sept 29th - today i get our bill and it shows the SAME download activity after that date as before!! someone is STILL hijacking our wireless account, how is that possible?? again another month of paying for somebody else's use of OUR account

what the heck are we supposed to do?

videotron is NO help, they said "sorry, the broadband is not our problem. use cables to plug your laptops into the cable modem". well this defeats the purpose of having wireless... but what choice do we have? i'm about to scream!! sick and tired of this... oh and two parking tickets came in the mail, at the same time. GREAT.

Hmmm well if you've done it right then no one should be able to get on your wireless. THAT said its obviously still happening...

I'm assuming you've checked your computers/laptops for viruses and such things? The only thing I can think of is that someone is downloading stuff THROUGH your computer (ie. I'm going into your computer through a remote manager and telling it to download all ten movies of Star Trek but it only appears on my computer at home (the movies themselves)).

I'm guessing that the 29th (ish) is roughly the rollover day for your bill? I mean you can definately download a lot of stuff in an incredibly short amount of time so perhaps this person did all the downloading at the beginning of the "month" (before you put in the MAC restrictions)?

Without actually being there there isn't much else I can think of...I know it would be a pain but you could try hooking them up through cabling for a month and see if it changes...

You could also try something called "logging" can make your router keep track and "write down" anything that happens on the network to a file (like a *.doc) and then go through it. If you could get it to open in Word and you typed in your MAC address under "search" and then deleted all the entries of your respective MACs you could then figure out if someone else is somehow making it on to your network.

If all your computers are turned off at night (say no activity on the internet/network after 11pm and before 5am) you could also check the times to see what's going on. Some of it will be technical mumbo jumbo but what you would be looking for is "DHCP lease IP 192.168.x.x to <computer name> <MAC Address>" during dates/times you KNOW you weren't online.

If the MAC happens to be the same as yours or hubby's laptop and you know for sure that neither of you have *touched* them during those times, then someone has "spoofed" your MAC (made the router think its you/hubby by "changing" his MAC to that of your;s/hubby's). At that point....I'm not sure what you could do...I can get back to you if that's the case too....gotta love techy friends.

OR you can definately go with Jesse's Mommy's hubby's I know when to give way before higher knowledge

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