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Food for bladder stone small old dog

I have a pom age 11.5, he had a bladder stone surgery recently because the stone blocked his urinary tract. He was eating Royal Canin urinary SO before since he has stones. The doctor has recommended Royal Canin mature now since he is getting old. My dog likes meat, so I bought the mature wet food to feed him a little twice everyday and the rest on dry food. The doctor said he MUST be on the Royal Canin mature or the stones will come back. The doctor also say no other foods. I have doubts, I honestly believe that boiled fresh meat should be better than factory produced food. I also don't know what kind of dental product is good for my dog, is dental stix ok? The doc. recommends a product made from rawhide and it is ridiculously expensive and I heard rawhide is bad for dogs too. I also looked at this site for Royal Canin mature and the site basically say it is trash.

It is long.
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