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A dog's hearing is a lot better than ours, gtblair, so you could whisper to your dog and get the same result, in fact if you whisper they have to be quiet in order to hear you. Why not try rewarding her whenever she is with you and is quiet? I have a very noisy exciteable sheltie so I started doing that. Taught him to sit, then would quietly say 'Shhh!' when he was QUIET and reward him. At the start you don't set them up for failure by asking them to 'Shhh!' when they are vocalising, and yelling gets you nowhere, they love to yell back at you. LOL. You wait for them to be quiet, then do it. My other 5 shelties can be barking, super excited at the thought that they are about to be fed, but this guy sits silently now , staring at me intently. I use titbits out of his own dinner to get his attention and quieten him. You most likely have a super dog there if you just take the time to train her.
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