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What about the Pedigree did not work for your dog? Was he unable to maintain a proper weight? Have loose stool or constipation? Poor coat? No energy? Smell bad? Itch? If none of those apply then, if it was me, I'd try to keep the protein, carb, fat and k/cal per cup about the same in whatever new food you try.

I looked up two Pedigree foods, don't know which one you use, but, while I am happy with corn in my dog's diet, I don't like to see it at the top of the ingredient list as it was in the two Pedigree. Wow, too long a sentence.

I now rotate foods. I am happy with my chicken and corn main food but like to switch around a bit and when I researched my goal was to keep the levels mentionned above as close as I could, since what I had worked. Hope that helps a bit?
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