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LOL I finally took him to the vet yesterday. His fur looks a little sleeker and he is looking healthier than he did a few weeks back. My vet wrapped him in a blanket as she does with all her cats that refuse medication and he struggled so much, he bit her, he scratched her and she finally said, "I think we'll keep giving him the buscopan and forget the Fortekor". She had the help of her vet assistant and vet tech with him and they couldn't get it down him. I had to laugh, because I thought that might happen as he can be a feisty old man when he wants to be, So at this moment he is still eating a little Urinary SO, maybe 4 or 5 pieces of kibble a day and about 3/4 of a can olf the low protein Medical. I plan to test him on other foods now that we've settled the medication issue.

Believe it or not Sam is still "asking" for his Buscopan about every second day.and I tip his head back, throw it in and he swallows. No problem at all. Not sure what will happen if we try another med or have to put him on an antibiotic, but he's usually better with them than he was with the Fortekor.

Thanks for all your help growler, I really appreciate it. Your experience may come in handy with my other cats when they need medication. I can usually get pills down all of them without much trouble but Sam and the Fortekor were just not meant to be.
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