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growler not sure why I never saw your post about Duffy when she was diagnosed with CRF but I finally found it today and have been reading it. I have a question for you about the raw diet you started her on:

Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
Raw feeding was also discussed - something I have been mulling over for about a week - phos levels are lower than the canned she's on now. He is also against the conventional low protein theory as am I, which is one reason I will not switch to the prescription food.
I know you mentioned this before but did your H vet tell you how much protein to include in Duffy's diet? Are the higher protein foods acceptable or not with a CRF cat.

Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
She loves the raw, started with chicken - easiest to digest 2 weeks of straight chicken & this week added beef so she'll get that 1x per week for a bit then I can maybe up it to 2x. Can add a 3rd meat next week.
did you start exclusively with meat or did you add other things to her raw diet?

I know I should have read your thread a long time ago, but for some reason I totally missed it.

Also I wanted to ask and think I will post a separate thread if you have ever heard of a cat having a reaction to Fortekor. Sam has consistently refused to take it and I hesitate to force him when I know he will take his Buscopan willingly. He keeps spitting out the Fortekor and the vet tech has suggested I use pill pockets for them but is there a possibility that Sam is going to react to it? After all it is an ACE inhibitor and they can cause major reactions in humans.
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