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Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
Why is water so important?
Helps the kidneys to do their job, which is filter out toxins from the blood stream (among other things). Dehydration is hugely detrimental to the kidneys, so if you can eliminate the kibble, that would be ideal. Not only is dry food a paltry 10% moisture or less (when cats should be eating food with 60-80% moisture), but it actually pulls even more water out of the cells during digestion, compounding the dehydrating effects.

Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
Right now I am adding it to her food to make gravy.

I think she is filling up on the gravy and maybe not getting enough food!
How much does she weigh, and how much food does she eat? Is she losing weight? There's a general feeding guideline of about 20-30 calories per lb per day for the average adult cat.

Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
Do I treat her like a cat who already has KD to try and keep it from developing?

Or is it different when she just has the 'pre-curser'
Do you have a copy of her latest lab results, including urinalysis? My opinion is that even kidney cats should be eating what all cats should be eating, which is a quality protein, low-carb (preferably grain-free), wet food. Keeping the phosphorus content of the food within a reasonable level is a good goal if there are signs of kidney insufficiency.
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