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How Rudy got his name

Rudy was born April 1st 2011 and was either the 3rd or 4th born out of 6. He's half Manx, Tuxedo Terroriser with a crooked tail and a permanent look of "What-EVer". He was mistaken for a girl and so was not planned to be kept. He however, had other ideas...
By mid May, he and his litter mates needed to be baby proofed on the stairs.
By June, Rudy (then named 'Clothesline' for his ability to be held up by his armpits and simply hang as if on a clothesline, all the while giving me a look of "Oh, for cat's sake. Do you have to?") was able to jump over this simple 2 foot barrier. By August he was able to climb/scale a 6 foot door to come and see mama and papa - and sample our food, of course. In under a minute, he would run through the kitchen, up the stairs, over the barrier, through our bedroom, down the hall and chirp as he descended the other stairs to join us for supper.
And so, one evening his human daddy felt somethings distinctly un-female while holding him and trying (in vain) to explain that he should go eat his own food and play with his brothers. Rudy was then re-gendered and re-named. Our "Little Rude" was determined to show us he was a boy and wanted to stay with us.
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