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Is my goldfish sick...? Please take a look.

One of my goldfish (Chevy) has developed these white nodules only on the edge of his fins..and I'm wondering if he's sick..? He has been acting and eating other weird spots or redness etc. I've been trying to research it.. I dont believe they're a breeded thing because theyre not located on his pectoral fins, and they dont look like the pictures of ick i've seen either - theyre not as white and pronounced. In another forum someone suggested Carp pox, in which case I've read that there's nothing I could do really.

Could you please take a look and let me know your opinion?

I have a 20g tank with an aquaclear 70 filter, and an air pump hooked up to a house that blows bubbles to help with oxygen exchange. I have three goldfish in the tank - an oranda, fantail (which is the one in question) and a black moor. And the ammonia level is at zero.

I am new to owning a bigger tank so any helpful criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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