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Raw & Cats

We are thinking of finally moving our cats over to raw.

We'll probably go with Nature's Variety raw patties.. but for those of you who currently feed raw to your cats, how do you go about your feeding schedule?

Currently, we leave canned food out in the morning when we go to work. Feed again around supper, and then top it off a bit more before bed. It's like free feeding I suppose but both cats are really at ideal weight, and it works for us. I guess I'm wondering if we can do that same routine with raw..? I know it's best to put down and pick up if they don't finish, but they both eat so well on our current system that I don't want to change both the food AND their schedule. Is there any harm in leaving raw out during the day for them to eat at their leisure (given I'm already doing that with the canned stuff?)

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