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I must apologize to everyone for not sending the pictures I promised or answering anyone. We had a family emergency that took me offline since I last posted.

Pepper is doing fabulously and is totally back to normal. She is eating everything I give her and more if she can get it. Her weigh-in at the vet two weeks after surgery put her at 58 lbs so she lost almost 12 lbs with the Lipoma. Apparently there were actually two of them the 10 lb one that the vet weighed and a smaller one which she thought was about 3 lbs but it came out in pieces so was never weighed. By the time of the weigh-in Pepper appeared to have gained a little weight around her hips so she actually might have weighed less than 58 right after surgery.

She is still receiving her Geri Tabs daily and I will probably keep her on them because of she is receiving a homemade diet that may not be as balanced as it could be. Most of her meals consist of Ground Chicken or Beef, an egg, two egg whites, 2 egg shells to cut down of the phosphorus in her diet, yams and spinach or other vegetables and rice with either homemade chicken or beef gravy to flavour it. She loves this diet and seems to be thriving on it.

I would like to thank everyone for the help and suggestions they have given me throughout this ordeal and hope you all will accept my apology for not answering sooner.

My son took 2 pictures today which aren't very good but do show her with her fur growing back and skinny again.

The first picture actually looks to me as though she still has a swelling on her side which in real life is not there, it is the way she is standing.(the one where she is reaching for her toy carrot)

The second picture shows just the operation area and it is flat. The incision runs vertically from just below her shoulder down to her chest and seems to be shrinking as her extra skin shrinks. There is now very little extra skin left from her Lipoma which amazes me because none had been removed at the time of her surgery. Her skin seems to be shrinking back to normal fast. She is a very happy girl now that she can run around unimpeded by the huge lump. There are no signs of regrowth or growth of the other very small Lipomas elsewhere on her body.
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