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Originally Posted by FlamesGirl View Post
I have a six week old pup (foster) that I've only had for two days. Today she woke up, ate her breakfast - which was a little more volume than I'd given her the day before - and then she threw up some of her breakfast 4 hours later, right before her next meal. I didn't give her lunch due to the vomit. She's also had 2 runny poops since lunch. Hasn't drank much water either.

She hasn't thrown up since and seems peppy and normal enough when she's not sleeping. She is sleeping a little more than yesterday, but after only having her for less than 48 hours I'm not sure what's 'normal' for her or not.

Any thoughts? She's napping now and I'm going to bring her up and offer her water.

ETA: She woke up and threw up again in her crate. Isn't interested in water. Am now calling vet.
I would get the puppy to the vet right away .She may need to have an IV as she is not drinking and had runny poop. It does not sound good, did you call place you got the puppy from to see if any of the other puppies are sick or if the mother is sick?
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