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Originally Posted by jakesmomm View Post
This site has been more helpful then the 100 other ones I have looked at regarding nosebleeds in dogs. It's very helpful to know how others are working through this and their choices.

My lab, Jake, is about 13/14 years old. We adopted him and gave him his forever home 9 years ago. Three weeks ago he got a nosebleed that lasted 8 hours off and on. Like others have stated, it looked like a crime scene in our home. We took Jake to the vet who ran all the typical blood work, checked for bruising and checked his gums. All his blood work came back fine. A week later, another nosebleed, this one lasting 6 hours off and on. Last night, another one. (always the same nostril) This time we kept him confined to the kitchen. Even though we thought we were being calm with each bleed, I think us moving around him and trying to clean up the blood was upseting him more. Keeping him confined to one area and walking away (although very very hard to do!) seemed to end the nose bleed in under an hour. Not sure if we were just lucky with this bleed or if this is the right way to handle it....just thought I would post for others to see.

Now we know the nose bleeds arn't going to go away by themselves, hubby and I are discussing our next plan of action. Do we go to the vet for more x-rays and testing that may or may not find anything, do we go the specilist and put Jake under additional stress to find out he may or may not have a cancerous tumor or do we just continue to love and spoil him?

I would like to add, we have probably had Jake into the vet at least once a month for one thing or another over the last eight open soar (hot spot), to diarreah, to difficutly breathing (where we did xrays and they came back fine.) He had a hard lump on his back not long ago and we did a needle biopsy that came back fine. Jake is also having more accidents in the house and his stool is very runny. He has also gone from 105 to 84 without changing his diet in the last year. I feel like I'm connecting the dots to something I don't want to know about...

Thoughts and prayers for my dog Jake and for all that have been or are going through this.

Thanks, Jakesmomm
Poor Jake, if he is having diarrhea with this horrible heat you need to made sure he drink enough water . How does his fur look, does it look very dull and dry? My dog fur was like this when I got him and he needed an IV . Can you mix some white rice or canned pumpkin with his dog food to try and slow down the diarrhea ?
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