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Nasal Tumor Story and Medication question

Hello everyone! I ended up on this thread googling to see if there was anything I could do to get my lil Baxter's nose to stop bleeding and after reading all of you posts, I have found that my lil best friend in the whole world is experiencing the same symptoms. I guess this is not a big surprise as I was told last week that he most likely has a cancerous tumor in his nose but was hoping in every way possible that the vet was wrong as we have opted to not do any tests. He is a 14 1/2 year old corgi (Baxter) and one of the spunkiest older doggies you have ever seen! I really thought he was going to live to be at least 25 as he has not slowed down a bit until about a month ago when all of this started. I am so terribly upset and sad but knowing that many other folks out there have gone through this horrible cancer is giving some strength to face it. I am putting him on Piroxicam and Misoprostol as the vet said these would help some of the symptoms and to slow the progression down. I am wondering if anyone has tried these drugs with their pup and how it went if so! Here is our story in case it helps anyone else...

Lil Baxy was the ball craziest hungriest happiest little 14 1/2 yr old dog you have ever seen...he would throw his ball for himself and chase it around the house if I didn't take him to the park for at least 20 min everyday. That was up until about a month ago when he started having reverse sneezing fits. I Called the doctor who said it was a normal thing dogs do and not to worry. They fits started to get worse and worse until one day he had the biggest sneeze ever and blood was everywhere. We then took him to the vet and had some bloodwork done which came back normal. THe vet seemed to think it was just allergies and the dryness in Colorado was getting to him. I was quite relieved until I moved to California and about a week ago while trying to go to sleep one night with him as my little spoon as always, I heard the worst congestion sounds coming from his lungs and throat when he was trying to breath. He was extremely uncomfortable as was I and I took him to the vet the next day. Strangely enough sitting in the waiting room at the vet, his little nose started dripping blood and the vet was able to tell it was only coming from one nostril and I was given the terrible news that it was most likely a nasal tumor. She explained that we could do chemo and some expensive tests to find out 100% what it was but said this would most likely just cause pain for him only to find out what we know anyway...and living on a student loan budget these tests were sadly not really an option for me anyway. The weirdest thing is..after we found out, he has gotten worse and worse each day...his nose has not stopped bleeding with clumps shooting out when he sneezes. It's almost like he heard the diagnosis! We are putting him on the drugs I listed above next week and I am praying that this gives him a little more time and will make him feel better. Nights seem to be the worst with the breathing and we are just taking it one day at a time. I can't imagine coming home to an empty house and will be devastated when I have to make the decision to do something. I have been doing my best to stay happy while he is still with me and make the best out of the time we have left...and telling myself to be sad when it's time to be sad which is helping a little but its so hard seeing the blood everywhere. It is comforting to know that he has lived a great life and in some of the most beautiful places in this country...Charleston, SC, Boulder, CO, Vail, CO, Jackson Hole, WY, Mendocino, CA, and now SOuth Lake Tahoe, CA just to name a few...he has swam in oceans coast to coast, hung out at the grand canyon, and romped through the redwood forrest in California. I know that I have given him a great little life but it just doesn't seem fair! So, thats our story and thank you to anyone who reads this! It has given me some relief in writing it and I hope it helps someone else as all of your stories have helped me!

Moral of story...If your dog starts doing something unusual and you suspect their is something that is just not right about it have it checked not just take one vets advise...go to 10 if you have to. I would have just liked to have known earlier because it doesn't seem that we have much time now... and always live in the moment and try your best to live each day as though it is your one is promised tomorrow! I guess I am learning something through this very sad experience! Thank you all and again and please let me know if anyone has tried the drugs that I mentioned for their pets with this problem!

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