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My Best Friend

Hello all! I just joined this site and have read many posts about your doggies and their nose bleeds. These stories have all been very helpful to me as I think I've been in denial.
My 15 year cocker spaniel/shelty mix Rosemary has been sneezing blood for a few months now. It took us some time to figure out where the blood was coming from as we also have a toddler who makes messes. But when I realized Rose was sneezing blood and is now constantly bleeding through one nostril, I immediately took her to the dr. They did blood work and put her on some medications. She has finished her medication and just yesterday she sneezed a huge piece of what I believe to be the inside of her nose. I dropped that off to her Dr. in hopes he can tell us exactly what it was.
Her blood work all came back fine and has now left us perplexed. A Rhinoscope was suggested as the next step, however with her age I don't believe surgery would even be an option for us. I did think maybe she had allergies and her nose was dry causing her to bleed....but reality has set in and I do believe it is a tumor.
Is there any other way to find out if its a tumor without doing the expensive ($1000) rhinoscope?
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Please keep Rose in your prayers as we've had to also put our 20 year old Shi Tzu to rest a few years ago and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Not sure if I can do that again.
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