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Originally Posted by cassiek View Post
... to me it almost sounds too good to be true... but again, I'm not an expert.
I hear you. This "company" doesn't inspire my trust. If they want to be reputable & understand the concerns of potential clients, they would publish their contact info (a NAME would be nice), business address, maybe GST #...

I'm certainly no expert either. I'm not sure I would feed this stuff to our pets without being cooked first.

Originally Posted by cassiek View Post
The one thing I noticed:

Ingredients: Federally Inspected Human Grade Chicken: Muscle Meat / Fat / Bone

A question I would have is what is the ratio of muscle meat to fat to bone?
I was wondering that myself. If I find out, I'll post it here.

Originally Posted by cassiek View Post
Another thing... there are no organs. That's not a huge deal, but just means if you go with this food, you will need to add your own organs.
Yup. That's my plan. And adding supplements too.

In their email I quoted, it does say:

What is a list of the ingredients in your mix?

CHICKEN - GROUND Muscle meat, organ meat, bone, fat.

Originally Posted by cassiek View Post
I can see how the cost of this product is appealing, have you thought about checking with your local butcher or do you know any hunters? Many raw feeders on here are able to purchase raw meat and organs for VERY cheap from their local butchers (much less than $1.00/lb I believe).
Yah, I've been meaning to...

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