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Without a list of ingredients and ratios, it's difficult to form an opinion of it. However, I do work in the meat industry and even though it's stated that the meat used is human grade and federally inspected, I wonder if that's only at the source that they get it. Questions I would have....What about their plant? Is that federally inspected as well (highly doubt it from the photos)? By the time the product reaches the consumer, is it still human grade? For example, during processing, storage, and transportation, are the areas kept at adequate temperatures as prescribed by law? In your link, there's a photo that seems to have been taken at an outdoor shipping/receiving area with boxes of meat stacked onto pallets. I'd be awfully cautious of any meat sitting around outside in the sun . Some of the boxes aren't sealed and there looks to be something wrapped in paper sitting atop a box...that's not how human grade meat is legally shipped from a federally inspected plant. I wish I could read what the labels say but the pic is too blurry.

Their ad also states "no overhead costs." Sorry but, if they're working out of a plant, there's rent, wages, taxes, electricity (awfully expensive if temperatures are kept low during processing and storage), cleaning products, equipment, storage materials (plastic bags, etc.), and the purchase of the meat in it's original state, etc., etc.. At a 1$ a pound for the finished product, I'm a little pessimistic about their claims it's a human grade quality product .
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