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I called a few nurseries, and I have tried everything they suggested. Unfortunately, that stupid law in Ontario that bans all pesticides means I can't get anything systemic.

Someone suggested I get some ivermectin from a feed supply store, and mix it in with my watering, as it would travel through the plant and the bugs who suck on the plant would get it and die. Haven't tried that though, as I didn't think it would be safe.

The canola and oil is the same premise as the oil soaps, and soaps, in that they are supposed to "suffocate" the insects. The pyrethrin spray I had was canola and water based, and it didn't do much.

I have been spraying twice a week for months now, barely keeping it under control.

I have also tried pepper spray (red pepper/capsacin in water), didn't work. I have tried tobacco water (soaking smokes in water as nicotine causes insects to die), didn't work. I have tried EVERYTHING.

The only thing I am unable to try is leaving my plants outdoors for natural predators to get the bugs, as I'm in an apartment, and don't have an open balcony.
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