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Yes I have researched for health problems and most of them seemed to be genetic or heritable. The ad I saw in the paper said the dogs have champion bloodlines and a full health guarantee so all seems to be good. I do understand their temperament and know they are very active and need lots of exercise. I also know they need exercise for their mind and would benefit from something like agility. I would help pay for food and vet as much as I could but my parents would have to pay for some of it. I do have money to help though. I have dog training experience with the dogs we have and have taught them sit come stay and other basic commands. I do have some experience mushing but it's mostly my dad and sister. They could teach me more. And I would use a GSD for those activities because that is what my family participates in. I did poorly word that comment I would not want to get rid of her. I was against getting her but did not mean I would get rid of her. I find it very sad she has had four homes. Thank you for your help
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