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Yes -- I will look into the Giardia. I am just wondering though if it is even possible since she basically took metronidazole for at least a month. I wouldn't think the Giardia would have survived.

I am going to start adding more probiotics now that the steroid is low (down to 1mg of dexamethasone) and see if that helps. I know that the metronidazole can be hard on the liver and with all the steroids she's had, I can't imagine that is helping.

Side effects of the doxy can be diarrhea as well. She is on about 7mg/kg body weight which is between the 5-10 they recommend.

Interestingly, I was also just given this information. In May she had heartworm and Lyme test (this is usual for us and we test every second year). My vet didn't realize that that also included testing for Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis so she was negative just this past May! So, was she exposed between May and October -- that would mean a more recent infection or was the organism eluding her immune system and she tested negative anyways. I am hoping that it is a more recent infection and she can make a full recovery. It obviously didn't help to have her on all the steroids, azathioprine and other medications like the vincristine treatment when her poor body was trying to fight this infection.

This has certainly been a crazy past two months! I'm surprised I haven't had a heart attack!
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