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Yes! My sister may have found.......

Well, I was just talking to Joanie, my 19 yo sister. And she was in the gas station buying cigs, and gave the cashier her ID. The cashier looked at it, and asked if she was Al Gohman's younger sister. She told him that she has a 25 yo half-brother, but knows nothing about him! Well, it turns out that Al is 25. Now to make things all the more hopeful, the only Gohmans in 40 miles from there are my relatives. we think that we have finally found our half-brother! Although we have only known about him for a year and a half, I thought that I would never even come close to knowing who he could be, because my father refused to talk about him,, and my mother was the only other person who knew about him, and all she knew is that my dad abandoned him when he was only 2 yo. I am so happy that we may have found him. It is the best gift to me ever. I have always wanted a brother, and just knowing now that I could contact Al, and have tests done to see if we are infact related, puts happiness in my mind. It's all I wanted, is Just knowing that one day, we could meet. I am hoping that I will have the courage to contact him one day. But it may take me awhile. I am just afraid that I will be let down. Well, everyone just had to share the good news. I have been waiting for this for over a year now!!!!!
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