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Thank you everyone for the good wishes & for all the links posted , some I have seen some I have not but will definately be checking each & every one

Yes Sugarcatmom I will be switching from the Evo to either the Wellness or the Nature's Variety, finding which one she likes & is lowest in phos is my next task, & I know I have to stay away from fish varieties as much as possible.

Good thing I live 2 blocks from a fabulous pet supply store cuz I just bought a case of Evo last week, as yet unopened, so no problem returning it

I have found great info on comparing foods using "dry matter amounts" instead of "as fed amounts" because there is so much difference in moisture content, so this is a gives a great comparison for all nutrients in different foods.

Scroll down to "Converting dry matter basis"

Shredy thank you for your offer of help [I may take you up on that] & your kind words

Chico - there has been info re HyperThyroidism links with kidney failure, so I will PM you the link to be sure you see it
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