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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
If I did what you suggest here, 14+, I'd have had so many litters. 12 females I've owned over a period of 34 years, say each one having a litter every second year? Or only 1 female breeding at a time? Still 17 litters. I'd have gone broke for starters, or nuts looking after so many, or been divorced - and I wouldn't blame him. There are all sorts of breeders out there and if everyone wants to be so judgemental - which you're entitled to seeing you have such a huge over population - you should try blaming the people who are responsible for it, and not just generalise about "breeders". Without those wicked breeders you would not have all those beautiful pure breeds to develope a liking for.
totally sick of the snide comments and this one has been reported..we're here to educate people and try and help animals,,