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Hey I'm trying to find alternatives

Since my original post got locked down because of the invective about maybe having to have our cat put down, I should say we are trying to find alternatives. We have been to the vet, there is nothing physically wrong, the peeing is behavioural, due to the cat being confined to the house. He whines to go out for hours a day, but we cannot let him out anymore due to strata warnings. He was used to being allowed to wander. You have to realize that we are having to deal with urine soaked carpet daily. If sticking his nose in solves the problem, then that is better than having him put down. This cat is the size of a small dog & it is no small amount. It is a sanitation issue. As much as we like the cat, no-one can live like that. I will check out shelters & someone on another forum suggested an animal prozac which we will try first.

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