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The 3 kitties never saw the feral in our home as he came in caged, but they LOVE to watch them through the window in the backyard.

....after lots of thought, We released him as recommended by the SPCA.
He's not unfriendly but not friendly yet either... and unfortunately at this point, for a whole host of reasons we don't have what it requires to have these 4-5 new cats indoors with us.
We do plan to build temporary shelters and hang outside if they do come back (and we think they will) we can try feed/bribe/pet them in order to acclimatize them and potentially bring them inside a room to try and foster/socialize them for adoption.

Man this is difficult.... in other news, yesterday a brand new cat with a collar dragged itself across our backyard. Its 2 hind legs looked paralyzed. My wife picked him up and brought him it into a room. (Man she is an )
The cat looked so tired and happy to be safe in the room purring with Carmy and me. Owner was called and thankfully came within a few hours....the cat had been missing for 2 weeks and strayed 30 blocks outside its territory.

2nd trapped and now spayed cat comes back tonight and we will set the trap again for the last 2. SPCA doesn't do this during the weekend so the 1 cat may get a break but all its friends will nopefully be spayed/neutered.
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