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If he had a blockage, he'd probably be in some can also try listening to his tummy with your ear right up to it, within an hour of eating. If he's all blocked up, you likely won't hear much gurgling - that's just a rough indicator though. With a blockage he might have some diarrhea and might be vomiting too. But pain or a tender or distended stomach would probably be present. Maybe another dose of laxitone - is that the same as mineral oil? Mineral oil works wonders too.

If this was my dog, I think I'd run him by the vet, who can palpate and listen to his innards. I did have a dog who got blocked up with a little sponge and she was in a lot of pain. Poor thing needed surgery to remove it. But she was in very poor shape, watery diarrhea, vomiting, didn't want to eat or move around much.

Do Minpins bloat? If his stomach is distended at all, that might be another thing - but that usually involves intense pain and is an emergency situation, so that's likley not it.

I say a trip to the vet is in order! Good luck.
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